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Welcome to Stoneyfield Tradingpost!

Everything you will find here is handcrafted.

We take great pride in bringing back some moments of history to the modern world.

Whether the medium is natural like our native crafts or forged steel in our knives or glass like in our sculptures everything is crafted carefully and with care for the quality standards we hold.

I hope you enjoy our work and it brings you the same joy it brings me.

Our History

I am of European descent, but have a great love for for Native American craft as well as smith craft. Creation is one of the greatest gifts we have and I take pride sharing it with you.

Most of the Native American craft I learned while I lived in Phoenix, AZ. While living there I was fortunate enough to make friends and later learn Native craft from Lone Eagle who is one quarter Comanche originally from Texas. As we became friends I learned my leather craft, beading and pipe making from him. His work surpasses mine, but I feel I still do him proud.

My smith skills start with my cousin who has always been an important friend to me. He has much more patience on the forge then I do, but through diligence and practice I believe I do him proud. Thank you Dale!

While in Phoenix I learned the basics of glass work from a man, Dave Draver. From there I was able to expand and use my creative abilities to produce many glass sculptures.

My wood working ability has come naturally to me over all. I did learn bits and pieces over the years from my father and many other acquaintances.

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